What I created!

Well, after a long try I created finally an 3D Video for Shotcut with Blender:

Here is the file if You want: shotcut.zip (105.8 KB)

And Here is The Timelapse:

(I am not using the real logo because it was confusing to make that)

Is there a reason why you’re imitating someone else’s ID?


Well, He is Blender Guru and Mine is Guru Blender, It is just an inverse in the name as I couldn’t find other name and I don’t want to follow the same name so I just Inversed it.
Even his previous logo was different than mine present one.
Blender Guru avatars-000063553866-g1rg3x-t500x500

Mine One GURU BLENDER_free-file (2)

If you could suggest a name, I would like to use that.

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