What hardware does Shotcut work great on?

As the title says. I can’t find it anywhere.

CPU: Which is more important: instruction-per-clock or multiple threads? If multiple threads, then how many is the absolute maximum that Shotcut can utilize?
GPU: Nvidia CUDA or AMD OpenCL? Professional or gaming card? Which should be powerful enough? How much VRAM is adequate? If you just say OpenGL, then AMD should be a terrible choice.
RAM: it is covered in the useless “minimum system requirements”: 4 GB for SD, 8 GB for HD, and 16 GB for 4K. At least it is the only thing useful.

FIY: I intend to build a PC with Xeon L5420 + GeForce GT 630 + 8GiB DDR2 for my cousin to do some amateur editings. I know such hardware is old, but he needs something cheap but still does the job. I focus on preview performance over render performance. The videos are usually short, thus smooth preview is more important.

Have you looked at this post:

The Zeon should work well. 8 GB RAM is adequate, but you can never have too much for a video editor. The GT630 - for a budget card I use and recommend a GT710 or GT730. They support GPU export of H.264 video which exports much faster than a CPU. To get GPU support for H.265 you will have go a bit higher/newer. There is a topic here on this forum with a table listing nVidia GPUs and what they support. You will have to search for it.

Note also info in this thread: "Use Hardware Encoder" on Dell Inspiron Laptop re the version of nvidia drivers required for hardware encoding.

The official Ubuntu driver on my (rather old 16.04) system is too old. Newer distros should be fine, or install from nVidia web site.

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