What happens if I suppress a source from the playlist?

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Since I am pretty good at googling, I seldom need to ask questions on forums. To my shame, I can’t find an answer to my current question and I’m sure that’s an easy one! Here it goes :

What happens if I suppress a clip from the playlist?My playlist is crowded with a lot of clips and I can’t find out which one have been used in a Timeline’s track and which one haven’t. If I suppress a clip that have been used in the Timeline, would it be an issue when I will export my project?

By the way : thank you for your good work at developing and supporting this nice piece of software…



Wow! How fast!

So the playlist is only a convenient way to store the clips before inserting them in the project. Once a clip is added to the timeline, a link is created with the clip file itself regardless the presence of the clip in the Playlist.

No need to reply : I just tested it by adding a clip directly from the file without using the Playlist… It worked…

Thank you Sauron!

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That’s good to know. I can see a couple of occasions when deleting items from the Playlist would be useful.

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