What happened to Rotate And Scale?

I used the filter dozens of times in a large video I’m creating, and with the latest update all of my objects got shifted massively, and I can’t find Rotate and Scale in filters. The update made me lose hours of progress. What do I do?

It has been combined with another filter. It is called “Size, Position & Rotate”.

Downgrading Shotcut to the version you were previously using might be a good idea, and then stick with it until the project is complete. It is generally not advised to upgrade in the middle of a complex project. There are too many things that could change between releases.

Aloha !

I ran into a simular problem only not with this filter.
I opted to re-do the effects and now I have a little textfile with in the project folder info about what versions I used where. So if I ever want to ‘revisit’ a movie I once made, I can install that particular version.

Used ShotCut Versions :

Started rendering with		: Shotcut Win64 v21.10.31
							  Shotcut Win64 v22.01.30
							  Shotcut Win64 v22.03.30
							  Shotcut Win64 v22.04.25

Final Render done with 		: Shotcut Win64 v22.04.25




You can simply read the second line of a .mlt project file in a text viewer or editor to see the Shotcut version used to last save that file:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
<mlt LC_NUMERIC="C" version="7.7.0" title="Shotcut version 22.01.01" producer="main_bin">
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Aloha !

Ohhh cool !
I was unaware that you can actually read the MLT-files with a text editor.
Thanx for sharing that mate :slight_smile:

However it is not 100% foolproof.
I make use of chapters and have each chapter in a separate MLT file.
Then I also have another main project in which I put all the MLT-files. (Yes you can drag MLT-files into other ShotCut projects.)

This means that if ShotCut was updated when working on for example chapter three,
the main project will still be on the older version of ShotCut. Well, unless you save it again
but usually I just open the main file, render and exit without saving.
I do not want to accidentally mess up my main MLT…




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