What graphics card for Shotcut and 150 € max?

I’m about to edit a concert video that combines seven different video streams. I’m planning on upgrading my computer a bit, but I’m a bit limited financially.
I have a Windows 10 PC with 3.3 GHz and 8 GB RAM, which is from around 2014. I was thinking of buying a new graphics card and increasing the RAM.
The videstreams of the concert also contain 4K material, but the finished video should only be rendered in Full HD.
I had already looked around a bit for graphics cards and had this one in mind: XFX AMD Radeon RX 580 GTS. However, the model is already from 2017 and the graphics card should be able to handle all common FPS (23.978, 24, 25, 29.98, 30, 50, 50.98, 60).
I wanted to upgrade the RAM to 16 GB.
In terms of money, I can’t spend more than about €150 on the graphics card. But if I have to, I might be able to spend a bit more …
Does anyone have any advice on what to look out for?

I have just phoned my PC dealer and will have the CPU, RAM and mainboard replaced. Fortunately, this will only cost around €320. I thought it would cost a lot more. How lucky I am that it’s not the case.
I’ll probably still install an external graphics card though.
I think it’s a good investment, as I also use the PC professionally as a graphic designer with InDesign and Photoshop. And there have been a lot of crashes here in the past.

Nevertheless, I would be grateful for a tip for a graphics card that can handle the rendering. I have read here in the forum that there are graphics cards that cannot be recognized or activated by Shotcut for rendering.

Before deciding on a GPU, have a look at the section of the FAQ dealing with how Shotcut uses it. Short version: if you don’t have GPU effects enabled, Shotcut doesn’t use the GPU for much; most things happen on the CPU. You might want to decide on a GPU primarily based on the requirements of your other programs, rather than trying to pick a GPU for Shotcut; just check Shotcut’s hardware requirements (also in the FAQ) to make sure it meets them, but anything even remotely recent should.

Shotcut is an application that uses your graphics card differently than other, more professional editing programs. The rule does not apply here - the more powerful, the better. If I were choosing a video card for shotcut, I would first of all pay attention to the presence of hardware codecs, which can provide some advantage. If you are planning on rendering in the p1080, I don’t see the point in buying a video card more expensive than the geforce 1050ti, and modern processors from Intel use very good integrated graphics with good and fast codecs; there are enough of them for shotcut. Even if you use gpu effects, a powerful video card will not give you any advantage. Therefore, look for any modern video card with hardware codecs nvenc, quick sync or from amd.

Thanks for explaining. That really helps me a lot.
I had a look at the graphics card you recommended, but there are many different versions, and the price is also different. Do you have any suggestions as to which would be the “right” one?

These video cards differ only in the length of the case and the quality of the cooling system. The geforce 1050ti video card is a fairly cold video card, if you don’t play games, I would prefer to take the option with two fans, since due to the width of the radiator, they can either be in passive mode and not make any noise at all, or work at very low speeds and their You most likely will not hear the noise during operation. This video card has good NVENC codecs that encode h264 and hevc quite quickly.

Thank you so much

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