What export settings should I use?

Hello, I do cinematic videos on youtube and I want to optimize my video export. Which settings should I use? I shoot in 2.7k at 30 and 4k at 30 so 2.7k gets upscaled. Please tell me which also codec to use and how to get good upscaling quality.

What is the use of upscaling 2.7k to 4k when uploading to YT? As far as i know YT is more or less Full-HD, even it offers 4k videos - i can only watch them in HDTV. You should use the Youtube settings provided for that purpose. You can control the overall quality with the quality settings in the advanced tab as shown in your second screen shot. 55% is already o.k. quality for most YTers, you can still improve that to 60% or 65% on the cost of bigger video files. Above 65% its hard for me to see much improvements but you may do so if you have an excellent big monitor and good eyes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, for most youtube videos even 1080 is fine, I do cinematics so I try to ultimate quality.

What exactly does the quality percentage do? (or even mean)

Maybe that helps to understand:

As you probably may know there is a direct relation between video quality and file size / rendering time.
The quality setting is one factor to make the choice easy. The last topic is very helpful to understand the export options with relation to codec settings and quality issues versus en/decoding performance and file size etc.

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