What does the future hold for Shotcut?

Apologies if this has already been asked before, I’ve searched the forum but can’t see anything similar.

My question is as the title states, what is the future for Shotcut? Perhaps, more specifically, where (or is) there an end point for this great application?

As a relatively new user to Shotcut, I have come to this forum a little unsure as to what I would gain from being here. I must state that from the thorough and welcoming bot to walk me through the initial account creation, to an active and supportive member group, I am very impressed with my experiences in my first week here.

I’ll be honest, at present, my involvement here is very one sided. I am taking at every opportunity. I will take knowledge, links to resources or sample work, advice and support from all that provide it. So far I can offer nothing back. That, I wish to address as soon as I am able to. I want to contribute and help the project, developers and users (any suggestions on how I could help please let me know).

However, where is Shotcut destined to head? Do the developers have an overall agenda or plan of how far to take this project (beyond the roadmap)? I’ve never been in forums of this sort involving a developing application so I’m interested to know where it will go.

So after my first week here, thanks for the great support, set up and project. I’m enjoying using and learning on Shotcut and appreciate being along for the journey.



I can’t speak for the developers, but knowing the history might provide a few answers.

This is from 2 years ago.
Short version

Long version


Thanks @Hudson555x. I’ll check that out.

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My suggestion is to just absorb the collective knowledge in this forum. There are so many ideas coming from here on a daily basis. I totally feel that the development of Shotcut is community driven. Though the developers may have an overarching goal for the product, it is rare of an individual user to have an influence on the final outcome. In this forum, you have that influence.

The developers are very active in this forum and take the collective input very seriously. Just absorb knowledge, and if there comes a time when you have something to contribute to a future newbie, pay it forward.


Thanks for the response @bentacular, which makes sense too.

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I would add: the future is important, but let’s enjoy the present as well.
The Shotcut community has a life of its own and I continuously learn new things here, and if I can help, I give back just a little bit of everything I have learned.


A great ethos to follow @ejmillan. Hopefully I can follow suit!


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