What does [Open as Clip] mean on the Playlist?

I see a post for this, but I cannot understand what does it mean.

After I choose an item on the Playlist
then right-mouse-button click on it,
then I saw 3 options,

  1. Open as Clip = What does it mean?
  2. Remove = remove this item (I got it).
  3. Set creation time = setup creation time of this file?

Could any nice one tell me what does the [Open as Clip] mean?

Thank you very much :smiley: !

Open as clip opens the selected clip in the viewer. If the clip is trimmed the in and out points are shown in the time display.
If you select a clip and double-click or select and press enter the clip will open in the viewer as well.

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Thank you for help :smiley:!
I think your ‘Viewer’ Should be the ‘Source’ tab (version 19.07),
I did choose an item then [Open as Clip] on Playlist, then ‘Source’ tab showed it.

My next problem is, after I setup input/output point on the ‘Source’,
Q1) Is there another way to put video from ‘Source’ to the Timeline except with Dragging?

Q2) Sometime it became some lag on the ‘Source’ tab,
Is there a way to setup the ‘Proxy clip’?

Press V or clipboard icon on the timeline to paste the clip at the playhead position move clips to right. B or down arrow icon on the timeline to paste the clip at the playhead position overwrite clips to the right. A or + icon to append clip to current track.

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ShotCut is is worth taking the time to study,
since good one like you
and the leader of ShotCut always let me got the answer :100:!

Thank you very much again :smiley: !

When You Shoot video the number of seconds the shutter is open this in cine terms is called a clip. if you are shooting with camera Shooting is taking film or photographs. A photo is about 5 seconds long.
Tips on taking (film, Cine,Video) All the same thing,
Never keep the shutter open for more than 5 seconds The eyes get tired and people will look away from the screen or go to sleep . How many times have you fallen asleep watching TV With shot cut you can alter a long frame down to close up or zoom.

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Thank you :smiley: for your interesting, professional introduction for the ‘clip’.

Althrough now I have no even a camara,
so I can only treat a ‘clip’ as a short segment of electronic media.

Hope some day,
I have some leasure time and good carama like you,
then I will remember what you said
“Never keep the shutter open for more than 5 seconds :smile:”.

Beware, the behavior of this is changing in the next version 19.08. In previous versions, Open as Clip makes copy of the playlist item to the Source player. Any changes requires you to explicitly Update the playlist item (using the icon with check mark). In the next version, this was renamed to simply Open and Copy was added. Copy is like the old behavior. The new open behavior immediate applies changes to trim, Properties, and Filters to the playlist clip. Double-click maps to Open and the new behavior.

Would it be possible to add a keyboard shortcut for this function?

Yes, this will be Shift+C

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Cool. Thanks.:smiley:

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