What does exactly face detection means in roadmap?

I saw the face detection word in the roadmap, which is 5th to the last.

But I didn’t understand what would the feature be for, would it be some kind of stabilization filter, background blur filter, or recognizing the person name and identity to identify them in the next project.

What exactly is meant by the filter?

Maybe it will be used as some kind of motion tracking to blur a face in a video?

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Think if that just comes tomorrow suddenly, and we hear someone was working on it already. That would be amazing!

It is intended for motion tracking.


Used to identify people and track motion?

So is it a option in the mask tracking option that motion tracks the face and applies the motion to the mask? Like the basic mask track option in premiere.

If it’s intended for motion tracking, it should be rather called object tracking, because the object tracker almost does the same.

I am confused because adobe mentions this about there face tracking:-