What did I do wrong by adding a .jpeg ? player blanked out to all-white

I’m new to Shotcut but found it really odd that by simply dragging a couple photos down and appending them to the end of my single line timeline about 6 clips into it…

That the new Photos displayed Ok but all clips added right after them were all blank white screens as I played them back… I couldn’t figure out why… I could then move their position on the timeline and edit them… But, I couldn’t do anything else with these new clips UNTIL I deleted them and the .jpegs and saved and closed Shotcut / Restarted it and pulled in the video clips alone without any photos… That worked. Apparently There’s something important I missed about adding Photos to your video properly…

Can you provide some Screenshots with properties tab of the included jpg-pictures? There might be new jpg-formats SC cant read but i would guess its something else. What is the size of the jpgs and where do they come from (device)?

I believe you will find it works better if you give the JPEGs their own separate track.

(if you need to move the video clips and the JPEGs together, when they are on separate tracks, @MusicalBox has made a nice little tutorial showing how. What do the three timeline buttons to the right of the magnet do?)

Thanks very much for the reply… The .jpeg format is I believe a standard one but I’m not sure
here is a screen shot of it’s properties… it came from hitting the " Photo" button on the Camcorders fold-out screen using a 3yo Canon HF Vixia G10 camcorder…

Yes, I did watch this little tutorial yesterday… and a couple others, and do see that it’s typical to put JPEGs on their own separate track so I’ll try doing that in the future… Thanks A lot,

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I meant the properties tab in SC. Select a photo on the timeline and open the properties tab in sc.
I used jpgs on the same track as video and had no problem. You have to choose the length they should show up in SC. The default can be 1 frame or 5 sec. If you set them to 1 frame, theres hardly anything to see obviously.

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