What can Shotcut do for me?

My needs are probably very simple compared to what Shotcut can do. After a vacation I used Movie Maker to create a video using the photos I took. Movie Maker allowed me to add music, special effects, etc. I could fade the photos and/or music in and out, add titles and so forth. Creating the video was actually fun. I’m not sure Shotcut can do what I want, at least at first glimpse. Am I wrong?

  • pictures - yes (1st video below)
  • music - yes (1st video below)
  • transitions/fades and volume control - yes (1st and 2nd video below)
  • titles - yes but one might have to get used to it - not sure how it works in movie maker. (3nd video below)
  • special effects - you mean decorative effects like lens flare animations? I’m not aware of any such things in shotcut.
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…and don’t forget you can always create certain elements in other tools and then import them into Shotcut later. I made a Ken Burns effect slideshow in a dedicated Linux slideshow app and then dragged the MP4 into Shotcut for further editing… seeing as Shotcut doesn’t incorporate that feature. I do most of the audio editing in something else too and then just touch it up as part of the final project.