What blur do you use for your background?

I use iPhone to shoot video so I do not have a camera with that option to blur my office or home studio background. In shotcut I can see a few blur options what YOU guys use in similar situations?


I tend towards using “Exponential Blur” since “Low Pass” and “Gaussian” (which is itself a low-pass filter) tend to introduce artifacts near the edges at higher values.

Yes it seems it looks fine. Thanks

My iphone has the cinematic mode, it records in HD but the background blur is extremely nice.

You can get that with the iPhone 13 lineups.

Unfortunately I have iphone 7 :slight_smile:

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No worries, you could use filmic pro. It has a 15$ price tag, and that’s fairly affordable.
You can adjust the focus while recording, and that could give a blur.

Actually a better way is to invest on a good green screen with holders, that would cost around 50-150$. But that would provide lot ease in the future, even with a iPhone 7 in 2027.
The pros are, it’s adjustable, portable, allows to change background, can be used even with single person.
The cons, not so easy to set up, pre-planning required for the stands (can be small or large), rest I don’t know.

(Hope you find a nice way to get a blur)

I have the filmic pro but never could get it work probably need to find some video tutorials out there.
I have a green screen not that much expensive and I am working on it :slight_smile: hopefully will have that done

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If I see your video correctly, you don’t need a blur or green screen, rather a good warm lighting and perfect camera position. Your background is already nice, even without a blur.

Just place your camera a little bit at your face height and change the colors of the light to a warm one (if you have one that can, or place a orange translucent sheet on the bulb).

Oh are you talking about the background on my video?

I have two good lights and I can make them warm like this

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Yes, are you talking about something different from what I understood?

No , thank you . And yes you are right . I changed the color of light . I think for a while I can use same background :slight_smile:

Well unfortunately I could not get that blur the background is not blurred at all
I used Filmic pro app set it on auto focus but as you see here the background is not blured


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Hey, it actually looks good. No need to have a blur now.

Try manual focus with a dummy on a chair, that would atleast make sure that if it is possible or not.

Yes I am fine. thank you

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