What are useful or cool filters for pictures?

Hi guys, I’m trying to make pictures video for my youtube channel. Is there any filters which i can use to make pictures zooming in\out slowly or moving slowly form left to right or vice versa? Sorry if I sound noobie, which is true for this video editing stuff.


Use the forum search function, this question has been asked more times than I can remember :slight_smile:

ah, sorry about that :sweat:. I will try to do that from now on :grin:
By the way Mr. Steve, Is shotcut developers considering these filters to be added next?

Haha. If you used the search function you will see this answered in the same result as the first question.

The feature you are asking about requires ‘key frames’. Key frames are on the road map for development, they are also at the top of the current road map - iow, highest priority. There is no known date as to when Key Frames will be implemented, only that they are coming.

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