What a pity ! Always bugs with Shotcut...Now for changing font

With the new version 17.10.2, it’s impossible to modify the font. Ther’s always a bug with each version. I am going definitely decide to use Hitfilm Express. What a pity but it’s not confortable to use a soft wich has much problems as this.

Or you could roll back to a previous version.

No problems with that here. Remember you have to adjust the text bounding box before the text will change to show the new font face. This has always been the case.

OK. Goodbye.

I do that but the police doesn’t change still. I hope Shotcut will progress in future and I will be happy to go back to use it. Cio with regrets.

What does that mean?

Anyway, changing fonts works perfectly well here, so the problem isn’t with the software.