Wetware Errors?

Hey folks, I’ve been in IT for 30 years (admin, not programming) so I’ll be one of the last to scream bug in a crowded forum, so I’m going to put my money on my own operator error. In my lack of defense, I have truly been pulling (3 - 4) 24 hour days per week and these last two weeks I being woken by coffee spilling in the lap and video clips all over my screen. …Had to add that since that’s about as close to humor as I’ve been in a while. Yes, I’m new to Shotcut ('bout a month’s worth), but I’ve done pretty well. Always try to find answers myself, but honestly, I’m just too damn tired. I’m hoping someone could just ask if they WLMTGTFY?Problem is I’m really close to taking up knitting.

Back to the real world… I’m having some serious issues all for which I’ll gladly wear the dumbass of the day badge. I have been working on roughly 25 minutes, about 15 clips of around 1.5 hours total source, for days! My edits are reverting to sources (saved under new source names). My additions to my Timeline aren’t sticking around, my added video isn’t giving me all the video. In another case, video displays and plays, but shows no sound waveform… and more. Have I rebooted? lol. I’m running the latest as of an 1 hr ago. Anyone have ideas. I know that’s a lot of issues.

One more while on the topic. This may clinch the dishonor of being removed, but wth?.. I’m new to video editing in general - I’m sure this is in your docs, but… an answer or just a link to the answer would be appreciated. Is there a standard practice for editing and exporting media per clip and then combining? ~ Thanks!

I thought I would be publishing 3 sleepless nights ago. I thought I may have solved a problem, but I guess I was wrong. Man I have to walk away from this for a while to get some sanity back. Can anyone answer a simple question? Now I can’t even add a single clip (between two others) to my existing project.

You have not asked a simple question. You have also not said what operating system you use or Shotcut version. Let’s move on…

My edits are reverting to sources (saved under new source names).

That is completely meaningless.

My additions to my Timeline aren’t sticking around.

Hard to believe; not really heard of that problem much. Are you saving? Did you move the media files on the file system?

my added video isn’t giving me all the video

Where? If you open that video in the Source player, does it show it all? If not, then there is a problem with that file or it is incompatible with Shotcut. If the clip is in the Timeline, then I guess you need to drag either the right or left edge to get more - called trimming. If you toggle Ripple on on the Timeline toolbar, then it will push the clips on the track as you trim.

video displays and plays, but shows no sound waveform

So? Is it that important? Did you right-click and choose Rebuild Audio Waveform?

Is there a standard practice for editing and exporting media per clip and then combining?

That is one valid way of doing it, but it is not very flexible.

You might simply not be cut out for editing video as it can be pain-staking endeavor. Unfortunately, most people make it more difficult than it needs to be by trying to get all fancy. Do you really need to use the Timeline? Shotcut does not require it. You can export a single clip that has been trimmed and filtered. You can also export a Playlist containing trimmed and filtered clips. Learn to do what you can do. Did you crawl before trying to run?

Now your getting it. Meaningless. I thought my last question was pretty straightforward. No source files have been moved. Windows 10 Pro, but let me check the compile date because v.10 might not be real. After working with computers my lifetime, I tend to save occasionally, backup all originals, backup up edited edits. I had one change to make last night after reviewing the exported file. This morning contiguous video clips were scattered all over the project file. I’m going to assume you’re doing your best to be helpful; I’m doing my best to be civil. Not everyone is cut-out for everything. But making that point to someone who was perfectly cut-out for it yesterday and waisted over 30 hours work, might be a little testy. My originals, edits, backups, and edited - backed up projects are all intact. Tomorrow is another day and I will figure it out - no matter what the situation.

I do just have one very direct question… My track is unlocked, but I can not add a clip to the timeline whether it’s copied from the drive folder, playlist, or source or using the tools at any point in the project. What would prevent that? I’m signing off.

How are you trying to add it? There are many ways. There is nothing that would prevent that except this bug that goes away after you restart the app:

Then your learning curve to video editing will be higher than most, and Shotcut can be a “Beginner” starting point, but it will take practice with Shotcut or any software to know all of the functions. I do suggest small practice videos to learn all of the features before diving into a full project. There are many videos on YouTube showing how to use Shotcut. Which a few can be found here: https://shotcut.org/tutorials/

In short, no.
I prefer editing in the timeline:

  • Open File (opens into the source viewer)
  • Drag/drop from Source Viewer to the Timeline (if you not have created a video/audio track, it will create one)
  • Perform all cut/transitions/filters in the Timeline (just my editing style)
  • Export file

I have to agree with @shotcut, I don’t understand this either.

You can’t copy a file directly from a drive folder to the timeline. Once a file is opened in the Source Viewer it can drag/dropped to the timeline. Or as @shotcut likes to edit using the playlist, all you need to do is this:

If you hover your mouse over the plus icon it will tell you what it does.
I had made V2 before hitting the plus sign. If there is already a video on the timeline, it just adds to the end.

Keep in mind that Shotcut does not alter any of your source files. When you hit “Save” or “Save As” you’re only saving the mlt project file (XML code). When you Export, you’re creating a new file, and your source files are not altered in any way.

Take advantage of this forum in finding solutions to even learning more about Shotcut. Many issues have been resolved in this forum including some really advanced editing skills are shows off in here as well.

There is no manual yet, nor any one video that will teach you all of Shotcut, but there is a master course. https://shotcut.org/resources/

Tux Designer on YouTube is excellent at teaching Shotcut, simple and advanced techniques.
Here is a link to his Shotcut playlist (49 videos):

See the red dot? Click there in the above video window to see the full playlist.
The featured video is the latest video in this playlist.

Thanks @Hudson555x and @shotcut. Didn’t mean to make an erroneous statement about dragging files. I could not add a clip from the source or the playlist. Clips would fragment into pieces in random parts of the Timeline, a clip would be in place and when I scrubbed back it was gone… BTW, I prefer the timeline edit as well. Unless you’d seen what I was seeing I wouldn’t believe me either. A ghost in the machine. Starting fresh today and I’m sure everything will be cool. I have had a real problem sleeping, and as I mentioned, I suspect the problems were largely my own head and I was mostly venting which I obviously shouldn’t be doing to y’all. I didn’t intend to be such a smartass @shotcut but I have been around the block. :wink: Yes @Hudson555x, there’s clearly a learning curve, but nothing I can’t handle (sometimes with a nudge in the right direction)! I appreciate the responses.

You can post screenshots here in the reply window.
You can also link videos to show us exactly what you’re talking about.

What are your computer specifications? CPU/Ram/Hard Drives/SDD?
Is GPU Effects turned on or off?