Welcome to the Shotcut Forum

Hi All,
Just like any forum, everyone is invited to contribute to the discussion. Please write in English if you can so more people can help you better and faster, and other users can also benefit from the information. The developers are not the only ones to answer questions, and we do have to also work on Shotcut in addition to our other obligations. I hope you understand.

Did you come here to ask how to do something, or if a feature is available?
Shotcut is not a fully-featured or finished product. If the capability does not exist on the Features page or if it is on Road map, then it is not available. Sorry, but there is not target date for road map items.

Did you come here to report a problem?
Please indicate your operating system, the version of Shotcut, and provide steps on how to reproduce the problem. If you are using an older version, then you should test your problem on the most recent version (version numbers are based on year and month). If you did not download Shotcut from shotcut.org, shotcutapp.com, shotcut.com, GitHub, or FlossHub; then you need to test it with an official download.