Weird font size change after upgrade shotcut

What is your operating system?
win10 22h2

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
22.12.21 x64

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
The project file was created shotcut v22.04.25 and work normally.
I upgraded shotcut to latest version v22.12.21 and loaded it.

The text in Text:Simple filter at the beginning had its original size in the preview, but if I click the filter, the font size become smaller, but any property value of the filter (including the font size number) is not changed. While other untouched text do not change.
The exported video is also affected as rendered clicked text become smaller.
All the Text:Simple filters in my project have this issue. (I don’t know Text:Rich, not used)
Here is the screen shot: Shotcut font size issue - YouTube
Text on the top left is an example, and it is given below

<producer id="producer8" in="00:00:00.000" out="03:59:59.983">
    <property name="length">04:00:00.000</property>
    <property name="eof">pause</property>
    <property name="resource">d:/Videos/20230131/#00000000</property>
    <property name="aspect_ratio">1</property>
    <property name="mlt_service">color</property>
    <property name="mlt_image_format">rgba</property>
    <property name="shotcut:caption">transparent</property>
    <property name="shotcut:detail">transparent</property>
    <property name="ignore_points">0</property>
    <property name="xml">was here</property>
    <property name="seekable">1</property>
    <filter id="filter30" out="00:00:31.600">
      <property name="argument">Next Station:
Parkwood East</property>
      <property name="geometry">87 36 1028 225 1</property>
      <property name="family">Verdana</property>
      <property name="size">56</property>
      <property name="weight">500</property>
      <property name="style">normal</property>
      <property name="fgcolour">#ffffffff</property>
      <property name="bgcolour">#00000000</property>
      <property name="olcolour">#aa000000</property>
      <property name="pad">0</property>
      <property name="halign">left</property>
      <property name="valign">top</property>
      <property name="outline">1</property>
      <property name="mlt_service">dynamictext</property>
      <property name="shotcut:filter">dynamicText</property>
      <property name="shotcut:usePointSize">1</property>
      <property name="shotcut:pointSize">28</property>
    <filter id="filter31" out="00:00:31.600">
      <property name="start">1</property>
      <property name="level">1</property>
      <property name="mlt_service">brightness</property>
      <property name="shotcut:filter">fadeOutBrightness</property>
      <property name="alpha">00:00:31.117=1;00:00:31.600=0</property>
      <property name="shotcut:animOut">00:00:00.500</property>
    <filter id="filter32" out="00:00:31.600">
      <property name="start">1</property>
      <property name="level">1</property>
      <property name="mlt_service">brightness</property>
      <property name="shotcut:filter">fadeInBrightness</property>
      <property name="alpha">00:00:00.000=0;00:00:00.483=1</property>
      <property name="shotcut:animIn">30</property>

From the xml file I find property size and shotcut:pointSize of text filter had a ratio of 2 (96/48, 56/28) then changed to about 1.3 (64/48, 36/28) after click. WTF.

BTW my screen is 14’ 1080p 150% scaling, the project and video are also 1080p.

:cold_sweat: no response

Can’t duplicate the issue you’re having.

What version of Shotcut is the xml code from?
Without knowing, I loaded that xml code into 22.04.25.
Video Mode: 1080, 30fps
Parkwood East 220425.mlt (2.8 KB)

Player Zoom 100%, 20 Pixel Grid

Player Zoom 100%, 20 Pixel Grid

Windows 10, 100% scaling, 1080p monitors.

The xml code is generated by v22.04.25 before changed by v22.12.21.

I did another try, create in v22.04.25 and reopen in v22.12.21, the issue remains.

file compare result by git diff:

diff --git "a/.\\test v22.04.25.mlt" "b/.\\test v22.12.21.mlt"
index 68f5250..14ec844 100644
--- "a/.\\test v22.04.25.mlt"
+++ "b/.\\test v22.12.21.mlt"
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 <?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
-<mlt LC_NUMERIC="C" version="7.7.0" title="Shotcut version 22.04.25" producer="main_bin">
+<mlt LC_NUMERIC="C" version="7.13.0" title="Shotcut version 22.12.21" producer="main_bin">
   <profile description="PAL 4:3 DV or DVD" width="1920" height="1080" progressive="1" sample_aspect_num="1" sample_aspect_den="1" display_aspect_num="16" display_aspect_den="9" frame_rate_num="60" frame_rate_den="1" colorspace="709"/>
   <playlist id="main_bin">
     <property name="xml_retain">1</property>
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
       <property name="argument">TEST TEXT</property>
       <property name="geometry">0 0 1920 270 1</property>
       <property name="family">Verdana</property>
-      <property name="size">120</property>
+      <property name="size">80</property>
       <property name="weight">750</property>
       <property name="style">normal</property>
       <property name="fgcolour">#ffffffff</property>
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@
     <property name="shotcut:name">V1</property>
     <entry producer="producer0" in="00:00:00.000" out="00:00:03.983"/>
-  <tractor id="tractor0" title="Shotcut version 22.04.25" in="00:00:00.000" out="00:00:03.983">
+  <tractor id="tractor0" title="Shotcut version 22.12.21" in="00:00:00.000" out="00:00:03.983">
     <property name="shotcut">1</property>
     <property name="shotcut:projectAudioChannels">2</property>
     <property name="shotcut:projectFolder">1</property>

2 mlt file:

test v22.04.25.mlt (3.8 KB)
test v22.12.21.mlt (3.8 KB)

I installed v22.06.25 and found this issue appear since this version.
The changelog says it adds support of fractional display scale support for windows, which I think brings the issue.

Won’t fix, sorry, deal with it.

that’s cool