Weird Bugs with text filters and sound delay after update to new version

I just updated to the latest version of Shotcut. But some strange things are happening.

Firstly, I have some video clips in my playlists without any filters. When I add them to my timeline, they have a simple text filter added. But there is no filter selected when I go to ‘filters’. There’s nothing. So I cant remove them.

Secondly I spend half a day editing a video and when it was exported to MP4, the sound did not match the lips of the person speaking, there was a delay. But the timeline video never had the audio seperated.

Lastly, every 10m or so, Shotcut crashes (Im using a HP windows PC). So annoying.

Can anyone help please?

Instead of guessing what might be the issue, providing more detailed outlined here: Requesting Support (2019) will help get your issues solved a lot faster.

Updated Shotcut (Version 19.07.15) a week ago myself and I have not had it crash once yet. Only opened a few projects and everything works fine for me.

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