Weird behaviour of filters applied to output

Shotcut 21.05.18 (but had it on earlier versions, too) on Win10Pro, both 64bit

I have been using Shotcut for more than a year, thanks for the great work!

Now I’m repeatedly facing a weird behaviour:
Whe I’m applying a filter to the output (for safety I prefer to have an audio limiter on the output), it is appearing and working with my selected parameters.
Then I’m saving and closing the project.
After reopening, I can see that there is a filter applied to the output.
BUT when I click onto it, it seems to have forgotten the parameters. Nor can I remove it.
BUT viewing the MLT in a text editor proves: the filter ist still active with all my parameters.
To visualize this behaviour, I’ve tested it also with some color grading, same result: after saving, closing and reopening the filter remains and works with all parameters, but the parameters aren’t visible, nor can the filter be removed.
Am I doing something wrong, or is it shotcut?

I can’t understand what does sagety mean, are you referring to “for example”.

a typo - I meant “for safety” :smiley:

That’s OK, I also think it seems to be a bug, but I am not sure as sometimes we also do mistakes and we think it is just the fault of the program, but that is rare.

Not really sure if it is just a bug, it more seems to me like a mistake or you did something wrong without knowing it.

But it could also be a bug.

This seems to be related to this bug report:

This is fixed for the next release of Shotcut.

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Thank you, indeed it is very similar and will be hopefully eliminated with next release, too. The only difference to your description is, that in my case, the behaviour applies to a filter without keyframes.

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I can confirm that it is the same bug and fixed.

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Thanks a lot!