Webm videos crash shotcut

Hi all,

I am fairly new in the edition world, in fact, shotcut is the first ever tool I have used to edit and I am still learning by myself everyday.
I had downloaded shotcut because part of my video shots are webm files and I read that this software could read them fine. Howeverer when I add them onto my timeline everything freezes and crashes. I tried to upload files one by one but same. They’re not very long maybe around 10 minutes.

With my little experience I read online that I could convert the files to MP4 for better experience, which I did and which allowed me to add my videos and edit them perfectly, the one issue is that MP4 messes up the sound of the videos, it becomes crackly and some words get repeated twice for some reasons…

If anyone has an idea on how I could fix this it would be great!

I have seen some issues with builtin screen recordings in Gnome (Linux) (Shift - Ctrl -Alt -R) there creates .webm files, if you look at the properties of the recording, framerate is not specified.
shotcut and ffmpeg behaves stange on there files, it seams like it think they have 1000 fps and that make everything very slow.

To use there files i use ffmpeg to convert them to .mp4 and lock the frame rate to 30 fps.

ffmpeg -i infile.webm -filter:v fps=30 outfile.mp4

If you don’t add the fps=30, it takes forever and you end up with at .mp4 with 1000 fps

Thanks for your help!
I will try that for future videos then, I had to finish the other quickly sp I decided to re-record some part on mac and edit with imovie…

See this thread (in particular posts 16 & 17) for possible workarounds:

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