Webm dosent work for shotcut

So sometimes when i download music or green screen effects from YouTube, their video format is webm so when i put it in shotcut, it shows the video is like 2000 hours long, and when you put it in the timeline, shotcut crashes.
I know a fix to this. You just convert the webm video to an mp4 video

I use webm videos without any chrashes. I tried dragging it into the viewer as well as into the playlist and did get the exptected result. So the reason is not the format.
Could you please add more information as described in the following post? Requesting Support

i tried to put a webm into shotcut but it worked this time so it happens sometimes its weirdwebm%20dosent%20work

Webm format works fine for me.

Yup, converting videos is a solution, besides, there are tons of converters

Shotcut has an internal video converter.

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