We Walk The Way


That was really tricky this time! Shotcut had many crashes!
And first the export needed too much RAM! :slight_smile: (I have 64 GB RAM on Board!)
So, I removed some ‘CornerPin’ filters, which needs a lot of RAM. But at least it needed still and only for the export ca. 43 GB RAM! :slight_smile:

The premiere is, that this video has my own music. :slight_smile:
(Please read the description on Youtube.)

We Walk The Way

LIke the video, but hte music is a lttle to strange for my taste, but it is very hard to make your own music, maybe you should try making something simpler in a slower at first at, it is like your want a full orchestral arrangement, if you are a beginner composer you might need to start with some simpler stuff.
Learning a DAW is kind of must, if you want to make music, Ardour is nice, but JACK can be hard for setup, I use fedora linux, it has pipewire there is the new audio thing, it replaces both Jack and pulse, so It just work out of the box, without any need for special setup.
I use Reaper, it is paid software, but you can test it out for a couple of months without paying the 50$ it cost for personal use, it is great for voice recording and music creatiion and has good build in plugins and has a lot of great tutorials on youtube, it has a native Linux version and the Windows version is working great in Wine, if you want all the many free instrument plugins their only exist on Win.
For linux the Vitalium wavetable synth is a power house (free version of Vitial)

Thats really a lot of compositing work and to make the right fitting music is very hard. Imho the pictures deserve something more quiet and calm, its too fast for me. I would also slow down the video movement, everything seems to be in a hurry here - but the general mood is slow and quiet. I guess this was a lot of time consuming work with looking for the right footage and components.


Couldn’t stop! :smile:

Jack isn’t really that hard, IMHO. I’ve got and get it working.
To me it was enough to add my account in Linux Mint to the ‘audio’ group.
Ardour is also helpful, because it sets up Jack well by default.

But [of course! :slight_smile: ], e.g. OBS isn’t working well with Jack. To me, and with Ardour, the microphone was sounding well, the music was very quietly.
Music output from Shotcut is well…
And I had meanwhile three system freezes, the first when I started Jack with ‘sudo’ (what was a hint found in the internet).

Audacity isn’t that bad, to say, its good (enough) for me (currently).
'Til then! :smile:

It’s a little the other way around…, the video is a video to the music. :smile:

And what if it is exactly what it needs? :thinking: :smile:

Oh, yes, I can tell you! In short: Next page…, hmm nothing, next page, hmm nothing, maybe this, hmm, next page a.s.o. :smile:
I also was thinking about own drawing…, but that would have had needed much more time!

'Til then! :smile:

This genre is not normally “my cup of tea”, but I must say I really liked the video. I liked the way the music beat in time with the flaring of the sun, and how it kept in sync with the moving bars, like a child running a stick along a set of railings and also during some of the image fades. I’m not too sure about the abrupt ending though.

All in all I think you’ve done a very good job.

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Thank you very much! :smile:

You hit a point! :smile:
It’s indeed a fact, that this song can have an extended version. Time will show! :smile:

'Til then! :smile:

You’re welcome. I look forward to your next composition.

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