We need more Keyframes

So I really like keyframes but We need more filters that can be applied with keyframes this will help with video editing alot because then moving text works aswell as a zoom that follows a specific thing.

Yes it is in next version 18.6. keyframe feature added to Blur, Mask, Saturation and slide animated presets are added to Size and position filter.

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Help yourself

Yeah I sorta wanted a bit more then just that I really hope they add keyframes to everything soon.

@dipensan I think I seen one of your videos this morning on masking & animation. Wonderful tutorial, I haven’t actually done it yet, but I will soon.

Thanks you. I know it’s poor although I want to share my idea. I think Shotcut will be the most powerful video editor in near future.

Again thank you for your kind response.

It is obvious that more keyframes will be added, but it cannot be done overnight! I am closing this as it is too open-ended. There will likely never be a situation where everything has keyframes, however. Some effects do not have parameters; or there are sticky, technical reasons.