Waveform looses detail when zoomed in

I hope this has not been posted before, I at least didn’t find it.
When I zoom in on my timeline then the audio waveform becomes huge (like pixelated blocks) and this way it seems that a lot of detail is lost in the wave. I haven’t noticed that zooming in has a similar effect on audio waveform on other programs, although, I need to say that I haven’t used many. Maybe the pauses could be stretched, but the waves left as sharp as when zoomed out. I hope I am not missing something basic, I am just a beginner.

Otherwise keep up the good work.

Yeah, the audio waveform isn’t incredibly detailed when you zoom in. However I don’t think this is a really important issue. Wave form drawing is still an area to be improved on, but it serves its purpose for now. If you want to get more into audio editing or you need to analyze it in more detail, you can open new scope windows for audio loudness, peak meter, spectrum, and another waveform scope as well. And if none of that suits you then there are always audio editing programs like Audacity.

Thanks for the reply. I will try out the suggestions.

Ran in to this the other day when trying to sync up my video & audio (separate sources, but I retain the camera’s audio to assist with sync). Work around for my situation ended up being just clapping 3 times, the short/sharp responses made the sync easy again.