Wave Video Filter Bug (and other design flaws w/ Shotcut)

Hello Shotcut community and developers,

Yesterday I was desperately trying to figure out why my video was not exporting. I kept receiving the error code: -1073741819. After about four hours of trying to figure out why the video kept failing to export, I realized that the time following the “error message” in the job panel was not the time when the video failed to export, rather it was the time into the export that it failed. An image of what I am talking about is below(this is a quick video i threw together on the editor just now, not the 40+ min video that I was trying to debug last night):
This, to me, was INCREDIBLY confusing and wasted many hours of my day. I think, perhaps, it should display the time into the video when the exporting failed to make debugging easier. To find the frame that it failed, I took note of what percentage it failed at every time and took that percentage of the overall time.
Basically what I’m saying is that the time next to the failed export should have the time in the video where the exporting failed. This I believe would make the program more user friendly.

Anyway, now to the topic of the bug. The wave filter will often times crash the program when playing the video in the preview (however perhaps that just my computer), but it will ALWAYS fail the export if the amplitude and speed elements are set to a high enough level. Below is proof (it was snapped from the same video as the failed message above):

Hopefully improvements can be made to these areas of the editor! Otherwise this is a fantastic editor and is one of the best free ones on the market today, to that I thank the developers.

Andrew Bond

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That is the intention. I took a quick look, and it should be working, but I will do some additional testing.

Thank you. That is a good hint to be able to reproduce the bug and fix it.

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This is fixed. There was a frame number-to-time conversion error due to incorrect frame rate being used.

This is fixed for the next version 19.07.

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