Waste of precious time when I insert clip or photo

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How can I possibly prevent Shotcut from sending me back to the beginning of my time line everytime I insert a new clip. What a super waste of time. Why doesn’t the program stay at the point where I insert?

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On my system the timeline cursor is set to the end of the clip being inserted
using A for append or W for overwrite

Please add a screen shot, so it is possible to see your use-case

For me as well Shotcut moves the playhead at the end of the track after I Paste, Overwrite or Append a clip.

In case you don’t know, when you drag a clip to the timeline, the playhead will not change position.

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I always do drag and drop and noticed the same thing as OP, the timeline goes back to where the cursor initially was (this is very noticeable if you’re dropping a longer clip that’s bigger than the current visible timeline and you end up with the dropped clip outside of visible area). I didn’t know the append/paste shortcuts work this way. I think it would be a good enhancement to have the same behaviour for drag and drop.

Hi there everyone, thanks for your answers but I remain somewhat in the dark.

I have no idea what Appending or overwriting mean in using Shotcut. I’ll tell you what I do.

I look for a file, photo or clip clicking on File / Open file and then I place it on my shotcut viewer and from there move it onto my time line.

That is precisely when the cursed cursor moves back to the beginning of my film.


Ah, sorry, I forgot to watch what Musicalbox had sent me. It makes things clearer.
I now see what pasting, appending and overwriting means.

However I have never thought of placing my files in the playlist. I go directly to FILE: open file and I dragg it to the viewer then to the timeline. I suppose what I do is some kind of overwriting.

I will try what Musicalbox suggests.



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Hi everyone,

I am not sure how to close a topic, but I’d like to thank you all again warmly and say goodbye.


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