Was a version of the application ever recently considered for Android devices?

Video Editing Software for Mobile Devices is not only shady, few and far in between, but there’s almost no open source solutions.

Shotcut seems like a likely candidate with potential to make Video Editing on the go a lot more feasible.

Probably needs to be separated into a “Shotcut Mobile” branch to accommodate that it would be a version of the software with more limited features thanks to the platform it’s supposed to focus on. GUI revamp included.

It’s territory that’s almost never tapped. Is anyone interested in it?

another suggestion …
Does any chance to have shotcut for android/iOS ?

There is already someone else who took the ShotCut name on Android (and I could not get Google to remove it from Play store). We are not currently working on mobile UIs, and it would be a tremendous amount of work because it is basically useless without end-to-end hardware codec and GPU processing in the engine. So, that must come first for all desktop platforms and then HDR video support before even getting to mobile (where HDR is already commonplace). By that time, today’s mobile UI paradigm of “touching” will be on its way out.