VR Suddenly Unbalanced?

Windows 10 x64, Shotcut version 23.03.21, problem repeats.

I create VR video which has two side-by-side nearly replicated images. They must be balanced perfectly to give a proper picture in VR. Using the same settings I have used many times before (rendering at 3840x1920 for 4K or 5760x2880 for 5.7k), now the image between left and right halves are off-balance every time. The source video plays perfectly in VR, so I know that it is a Shotcut issue.
To further complicate, I just ran the same file with same settings through Shotcut on my laptop (same version too), and that rendering works. Very confused now. Also odd that they’re the same version, but when it’s processing the video, one (desktop) shows progress at the top right and the other (laptop) shows progress at bottom left… ???

This is not accepted as a bug since Shotcut does not have any “VR” features, and the concept of “off-balance” in video is meaningless outside VR. Also, it is not reproducible.

I’m new to the forum, are you asking me to repost elsewhere? If so, where? Regarding VR, Shotcut is one of the most common programs used for VR editing and it would be very wise to embrace that with Meta and Apple going head to head soon. What VR means for video editing in most cases is simply very high res, with a 2:1 ratio- which Shotcut does well, usually. For it being reproducible, I have attempted multiple times with multiple videos and even some settings changed and the same result- literally reproducible.

I already re-categorized the post. It is fine for people to use it for whatever, but the developers have no idea what “unbalanced” and “off-balance” means in the context of video. And you have not provided any steps for anyone not involved in VR video to be to follow and help you. Someone needs to explain it in Shotcut terminology only to make it a proper, usable bug report and be actionable.
“(same version too), and that rendering works” = not reproducible

I guess you’re doing side-by-side 3D. What does off-balance mean?
Do you just combine 2 separate videos into one or have a source that’s already side by side and edit it somehow?
It usually helps if you can put some screenshots or screen recording, especially that you say the laptop does it correctly you can take a screenshot of the different exported videos to make it more clear.

Resolved! I used two cameras, one shooting at 4k 60fps and one shooting at 5.7k 30fps… not realizing this because the cameras have no screen and the app is buggy so I usually don’t bother with it. Turns out that Shotcut does something weird when I try to use footage from both in the same project, regardless of the settings I export with (??). If I process ONLY the videos from either camera, it works. But not together in the same project. Now Im going to use Topaz Video AI to make ALL the video 6k 60fps and see if Shotcut likes it.

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