VP9 kill your PC!

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last Shotcut version 21.05.18

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
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After exporting in the format WebM VP9, an excerpt of approximately 1 .5mb is created instead of a video, and with the slightest interaction with the file, all interactions with computer memory are impossible!.

После экспорта в формате WebM VP9 вместо видео создаётся отрывок размером примерно 1.5мб, и при малейшем взаимодействии с файлом все взаимодействия с памятью компьютера невозможны!

log.txt (36.4 KB)

The version you are using is unstable and it is not recommended to use atleast for now, if you have this same problem in the version 21.03.21 then only please report. So it all goes in a different way, the versions 21.05.XX are already reported buggy, So there is no use to create the topic if the problem is in only may versions.

The problem is not clear from your description. Do you mean that after you export the file you try to open it with a media player and your computer locks up?

After you export the file, can you open it in Shotcut to play it?

Unable to reproduce