Volume dipping of background music when vocal audio introduced

I’ve been manually reducing the gain on background music when I reach foreground audio on the timeline that needs to be clearer. It would be great if there was a way to automate this. Can other video editors do this? I know certain podcasting software/hardware can do that live, though I’m not sure what the technical term is.

The best option for this would be to have two seperate audio tracks, without that I don’t think there’s a way shotcut could easily distinguish vocals from music. Once that was done it would need a conditional filter of some sort, reduce audio when track X has audio.
Looks like adobe calls it “side channeling” and only gained support for is in CS6 back in 2015 https://helpx.adobe.com/audition/using/whats-new-cs6.html#id_8678
You might be able to do it in audacity and then import a track(I wish we could get a few of the opensource teams to work together to really put some pressure on adobe and build a cohesive suite but that’s a separate issue…)

Ah, good to know the term for it, thanks. That should help with Googling.

The way I do it does employ two separate tracks, one for isolated speech/music and another for the video with sound that I want to bring into the foreground. I cut a continuous music track, fade it out as the video kicks in, move the remainder of the music along the track to the end of the video, then fade it back in. That or cut the audio track and use the gain filter to reduce the volume for the portion of audio that’s played beneath the video, using audio fading to smooth the transition. It’s a tonne of work but the result sounds good.

No idea if I’m making more of a meal of it than it needs to be. I’ve only been doing this for a couple of months now so am learning every day.