Volume Adjustment

I know this is a really dumb-sounding question, but how do you turn down the volume of one specific thing while editing on ShotClip? Thank you!

  • Click on the clip in the timeline
    (perhaps you can also do this from the playlist window, I don’t know, but I’ll just assume you have put the clip into the timeline)
  • click on the ‘Filters’ panel

  • choose ‘Gain/Volume’

  • move the slider or type in a new value for the volume.

What’s the best way to lower audio temporarily on one clip and increase it on another? Do you have to split clips at the playhead and use these filters on different tracks? Or is there an easier way?

Thank you cameralibre, sorry for responding so late lol

Indeed. Although you might want to add the filter first, then split with S key and adjust volumes, this way the gain filter will be already in each split track and you will save time adding the filter to each clip.

Also, have a video guide for the volume/gain filter:

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