I can’t put on voiceover, when I try to record with a microphone it goes out
record audio error>chosefile<open others<audio/video device

I have installed an external microphone correctly and sometimes it asks me to save it with an *opus file but I don’t understand where I should save this audio file, I thought the voice was recorded directly in the timeline

I would appreciate help

Thank you so much

Can you tell us your Operating system and Shotcut version?

Also, can you share a screenshot of the settings you have tried?

In order for your audio recording to appear on the timeline, before starting, you MUST save the file that shotcut prompts you to do this, otherwise the application will have nowhere to record your voice and this file is your recording.

Now it doesn’t give me the option to save the file and what type of file should it be?

Version 23.09.29 Mac



I get this error

That means it failed, and maybe it does not know or like the audio input device that is selected. It is suggesting that you go to that location in the Shotcut menu to set an audio device and verify it is working. Did you?

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