Voice-Over on Phone What crystal clear app to use to transfer that file to Shot Cut?

Any recommendations?

Can someone tell me what are the best voice over apps for android? I searched articles and downloaded couple and the audio had static in the background whenever I would play back to listen to my voice. I want to record narration on my phone using my own voice and eventually attach the audio file to Shot Cut video I plan to work on. I have an android and tried cyberlink powerdirector app for phone using the voice over but there is too much static using the mic built in my phone. I don’t have an external mic device and it’s hard to rent or buy now with the covid-19 not a lot of places have opened back for business. Any helpful tips.

Thank you. Stay safe.

Try Easy Voice Recorder I’ve been using it for years. https://goo.gl/TCXmbt

Record in the closet for some effective dampening of background noise

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I’m far from an audio pro, but the quality of your audio is going to ultimately be dependent on the quality of your mic. However, if you can work on a desktop, you could probably send it to Audacity and make some adjustments there.

Absolutly correct!
Additionally every Android recording tool uses hard-compressed codings.

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