Voice over help needed


i am so glad that with shortcut I finaly found a video-sw that offers the option to record a voice over on a linux system!

I followed the tutorial from shortcut.org. But I am still a bit confused. The recording starts that moment I click “ok” for saving the wav-file. It’s not just monitored as said in the tutorial. In that moment I still have to choose and start the video projekt and so on.
The result is an absolutely not synced audio track. Moreover there is a lot stuff recorded before I want it to record.
Is that a bug or a feature? Why doesn’t the recording start with pressing the play button in the video project? Or what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for reading!


LM 17.3, Shotcut version 17.04.02,

You could try to add a countdown with a pop which will give you a point to sync your vo recording to.

  • Save a backup of your project, to protect your work.
  • Add a new audio track
  • File > Open Other > Generator > Count
  • Make sure that 2-pop is selected.
  • With the countdown in the source-player add in and out points at the beginning and end of the clip.
  • Right click om track header and select Ripple all tracks.
  • Drag the countdown from the source player to the first frame for each track(in order to keep sync), that should push all clips for each track to the right leaving space for 10 sec of countdown.
  • Mute all tracks except the new track containing only the countdown.
  • Make sure that your mic records the pop from the countdown.
  • Record you vo. with the pop loud and clear.
  • When finished recording you can move the pop of the recorded audio vo track to match the 2 sec frame of the countdown.
  • Now your vo should be in sync with the other tracks.

Let us know how it goes.

Thank you for your quick reply. I will try that out.
But why that complicated? Wouldn’t it be much more logical and easy to just start the recording with starting the video? Should not be too complicated to program that.