Voice over and audio from video mixed up together

Hello everyone. I’m new to this awesome and powerful tool. I’m gradually getting to know its functions but today I go stuck and without your help I won’t be able to move any further.

I’m making my first video (just for learning purposes.)

I have two tracks- one with video and second - with voice over. As you see, the clip is now playing in the place when only sound from voice track should be played because there is no video - green bar. Although I removed sound track from a video, when I play the clip I hear the voice over + audio attached to the video. Also have a look on the display- there is video although this part of video track doesn’t contain it. I hear voice over (which is fine) and recording from the video (which is bad) blended together.

It looks like there is other video plying in the background. I can’t get rid of it.

If my explanation isn’t clear I’ll capture my screen and show you exactly what problem I’m facing with.

regards, Alan

QDSOV thanks for replay but it doesn’t solve my problem. Please, have a look a the screenshot. Even when audio from video track is turned off I hear the voice. Strange thing for me is that when I hide the video track underneath it is placed another one with that sound audio attached which is mixed up with proper - voice over. You see?

OK - in your original screenshot the audio was still turned on on both tracks. Have you tried applying the “mute” audio filter to the track you seem to be having trouble with yet?

It’s a playhead or preview issue. It’s showing a different clip from where the playhead is located.
I’ve been studying this the past day trying to have the same issue, but no luck yet.

@Alan183, what are your systems specs? Operating System 32 bit or 64 bit?
Did you download Shotcut from the download link above in this forum?
If you’re in Windows 10, Start button, type in" System Information"
System Type -
Processor -
Installed Physical Memory -
Available Physical Memory -

Save your project

Restart your computer, and don’t open up any other programs than Shotcut. Open your project, do you get the same results?

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QDSOV - yes I tried mute filter - didn’t help.

Hudson555x - yes, you’re right. I’m so glad I managed to make you understand my issue, despite my bad English :upside_down_face:

I’ve restarted the computer and opened shotcut only but the issue remains.

I’ve got plenty of storage on my pc. (344 GB free) Although it’s not a fresh machine it has quite good

I can’t remember where I downloaded shotcut from - I guess it was from shotcut.org

Let me attach screen shot with the information

I’m looking forward your any suggestions which will help me to cary on with my little, video project


Your computer doesn’t have enough memory.
Minimum Specifications for Shotcut are : RAM: At least 4 GB for SD, 8 GB for HD, and 16 GB for 4K.
Adding more RAM might help out the cause. Your CPU is good, at the low end, but with 4 cores, will work with Shotcut.

Curious though, if you were to export your test project, when playing it back in VLC media player, does is the video correct to what you want?

Since you are running Windows 10, you might want to look up on YouTube “clean windows 10 junk files”. There are loads of videos, specially turning off various privacy settings. If you don’t use XBox on your computer, get rid of it, or turn it all off. Turn off all antivirus programs, including Windows Defender. Get rid of all games that you don’t use like Candy Crush, etc. Close all browsers and other applications. All of this is meant to reduce your usage of RAM.

It’s a bit sad when PC manufacturers pack a decent CPU into their build, but slack on memory. Seems to be common practice now. But RAM prices are still real high.

One other thing you could try is installing the 32 bit version of Shotcut.

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aughh…I see. I didn’t examine its performance that closely.
I saved my project into video format and played it in VLC - result is the same as it was in the editor. Proper voice with needless voice are blended together making sound messy. I’ll try to deal with computer’s memory as you’ve recommended. But if there won’t be any improvement … I’m about to buy a new one in a couple of months. I might as well wait for a bit and come back to video editing later with new machine on board, anyway.

What are the crucial points I should focus on ,when it comes to choosing a computer intended for video editing? Can you provide any reliable source about this topic? I’m totally beginner, but intending to extend my service into this field.

thanks so much for your help

I don’t recommend laptops.
I do recommend actual computers.
At least 16gb ram, at least 3GHz CPU
SSD drives, or M.2/NVME drives, or the ability to add them.

Here is a lengthy discussion of building a computer for video editing here:

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