Visibility of Tracks - What's Going On?

What determines which video tracks are visible? I thought all tracks were visible, with the “top” video tracks covering up the lower ones. But I have a project with 4 video tracks that I just started on, and something is wacky. Maybe I just don’t understand how Shotcut works?
Track V1 contains a video with sound. Tracks V2, V3, and V4 all contain transparent text, and at some points all three appear at the same time. Everything works great if V1 is visible. But if I set V1 to be hidden (giving me just a black background), then for some reason all I see is the text in track V4. The text in tracks V2 and V3 disappears. What’s going on? Am I doing something wrong? How do I get V2, V3, and V4 to be visible (on a black background) if V1 is hidden?
And on a related note, how can I hide part of a video clip? I want V1 to be visible sometimes and hidden sometimes. I can split the track at the appropriate spots, but I don’t see any “Hide Video” filter. And if I hide the entire track, then none of it will ever be visible, right? Do I have to split the audio into a separate track, and then just delete the video portions I don’t want to see?
Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I’m still new at this…

This was asked recently a couple of times. Please search and read a little. Still, I know it can be hard to find. Basically, the answer is that all upper tracks blend with V1. If you hide V1, then they are blending with essentially nothing.

This is called “editing.” Watch more tutorial videos.

So then:

  1. Why do I still see track V4 when V1 is hidden?
  2. And what’s the point in even having a “hide” icon for V1 if that essentially hides everything?

Probably because track 4 is the highest track in your timeline. If you had a 5th track then that track would be visible.

This is the way V1 works.

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