Virus scanner alert with qmelt.exe...?

There was a F-Secure virus scanner alert with ‘qmelt.exe’ when exporting the video. F-Secure has banned it and the video exporting does not work. Any idea what is going on? Does Shotcut use qmelt.exe and is it safe to allow it? This happend with the new version 17.11.02, not with the previous version.

Yes, Shotcut runs qmelt.exe as a background process to export. It is safe as long as you downloaded through or Shotcut Windows builds are made in a clean environment by cross compiling under Linux using a Docker container on a new cloud machine. In other words, it is not development workstation where I also browse the web and vulnerable to Windows viruses. Furthermore, I scan the executable with Windows Defender. You are not getting viruses from my software downloaded through my web site unless Amazon Web Services S3 with encryption somehow gets compromised.

Nothing here from Malwarebytes or Spybot 17.11.02 or prior revs. Scan the files with more than one malware detector. More than once I’ve found an anti-malware’s malware database contain flags for innocent items. In any case, don’t rely on just one malware filter, for both the reason just cited, and its reverse. That is, the database lacks information about malware many other filters detect.