Virus Protection Deletes latest Update

Anyone having an issue updating to the latest version in Windows 10. My virus scan keeps telling me the file is unsafe and removes the update and folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

No virus warnings (for me) with Shotcut ever with Windows 10.
Are you sure you’re downloading from the right source?
Here is the official download page.
It doesn’t download a folder, just one file.


Just got this when I went to the page.

Is your Windows 10 64-bit or 32-bit?
Which mirror did you choose?
Does it happen with both mirrors.

If you’re not downloading from Shotcut’s main site, can you share the address where you are downloading it from? I don’t recognize the “Got It!” button in your picture.

And I’m very reluctant to install Norton to attempt to get the same window.
I just don’t care for the software. Personal preference.
Anti-virus programs don’t play well with open source software.

I would say it’s not safe from an addiction level with all of the new features.
But I did just run all of my Shotcut releases through Windows Defender, no virus detected.
Perhaps someone else with Norton can report about their most current version download.

I downloaded it from both mirrors from the shotcut website. Neither worked. Thank you for the reply. I’ll try some other methods.

You could try downloading the portable version (zip file), and see if Norton will tell you exactly which file is triggering the false positive.