Virus or malware

Greetings, I downloaded Shotcut for windows 64bit windows 7+ 184mb

When I double click on the installer, there a small screen that appears to get apps from the store and nothing appears else.

It was downloaded from

Thank you


If you are sure you have the good file, deconnect from the net. Cut your AntiVirus and install the program.

Possibly AntiVirus blocked it on reputation basis, just guessing…
but yeah you can download it, scan with 2nd opinion AV (if you wanna be sure) and if good , go offline , turn off main AV, install app, turn back AV go back online.

Managed to find out what was happening and it was a Microsoft setting that I don’t know how it came about, their app store tried to take over any attempt if I tried to install the Shotcut program or any other program and I had to go to their App store so I called Microsoft and in 30 seconds it was fixed with no excuse. I lost over 8hrs trying to figure out what was going on.
Live and let live, now the hardest thing to learn is the voice over or narration.

Take Care all

You have to go to the Microsoft store, and if it says Stop SafeSearch do what it says to do.