Virtual Synth for Musicpresentation

I have been making electronic synthesizer music for a long time.
In 2002 I designed a front panel in Flash for my then homepage. Now I used it for my music presentation and extended it with SHOTCUT:

  • Powerbutton lights up.
  • LCD matrix display with backlight.
  • Booting animation.
  • Loading animation shown with the peak display.
  • Info text of the music track.
  • Waveform and peak display.

If you look closely, you can also notice a slight display inertia of the display, which can be found in old synthesizers.
I sampled the on and off noise from my Hi-Fi amplifier, which has a relay click and I synchronized it with the display of the virtual synth shown here.

My composition is called “Vollkorn bitte” - (Wholemeal Please), which was created in 1998.


Love the track!! You’ve got me dancing round the kitchen now!! :+1: :laughing:

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Thanks a lot! :smiley:

A good piece of music! :smile:
BTW: ‘Vollkorn’ isn’t not always easy to get these times.

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Wow! That is awesome :open_mouth:

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