Virtual performance video creation

Saw a link to a how to video on using shotcut to create a virtual performance video.

Unfortunately in order to view the video you have to be a paid up member of the website it is on.

Does anyone know of a free tutorial that covers this?

  1. Add three or four video tracks by right clicking on V1 and then Add new video track.
  2. Add the required clips to the timeline and stack them up on each track.
    Lets say you have four videos
    Place video one on v1
    Place video 2 on v2
    Place video 3 on v3
    Place video 4 on v4
  3. Go to filters and search for Size and Position in Video
  4. Apply the filter on V1 and change its size by using the round dots on the corners of the video frame.
  5. Do the same for the rest of the clips.

Thanks for the link.

It turns out to be a very basic tutorial, using an older version of Shotcut.
It does explain the basics quite well, so would be a good starting point for some.

It unfortunately uses less than optimal ways of doing things - like syncing tracks and manually moving things around. The use of preview to set in points or the use of presets to arrange tracks.
(There are existing presets for the 4 corners).

I was hoping for some more interesting thoughts. e.g. different screen layouts where one track is featured and an easy way to switch between tracks.

I think if I get time I may make a set of pre-sets for this kind of editing, including a frame, 4 way, split screen, 2/1, off screen for hiding a track.

Are you using one master audio track, while showing the various videos?

I was having a go at multicam editing. I had a test recording to play with.
Used a separate sound track and 4 camera tracks.

Got it syncing ok because we had a drum stick count.
It just got a bit hard switching between cameras and multicam views.

I settled on trying different filters to hide / show tracks or multi cam tracks.

I just need to create a consistent set of preset filters.

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