Vignette fliker effect

Hello, first of all Happy new year to everybody

I’m sorry to ask in a time of celebration but is there an option to make the vignette filter flicker?

There is not. But maybe you can achieve the effect you want with the the “Old Film: Projector” filter.

I’ll do the job i guess, It would be perfect if it only afected the vignette.
Still thank you for an answer

Here is what I did with a white clip on a video track above:

The white parts of a clip basically equals 1 and N x 1 = N. So, use blend mode = multiply.

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This is exacly what i had in mind, thank you
Also if you don’t mind me asking, is there a filter that can get the vingnette effect but on all 4 sides and can i do this exact tehniche as you’ve shown me in the image?

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