Vignette effect on 4 sides


I know vignette filter gets you like a black fade on the sides but can you get the vingnette effect but on all 4 sides?

To me vignette is more a corner thing than a side thing.
And in Shotcut, at least in my versions of Shotcut, it already work on the 4 corners.


I’m sorry i didn’t get myself out clear i want to get the vignette effect all around the image like on the sides and on the upper and lower side if you understand what i mean

Maybe an image of what you want would help understand, if you can find one?

Hope this helps
Here it is as you can see it has a a vignette filter on sides but you can also see a little bit of it on the upper and lower side of the image

You can add a Mask: Simple Shape filter (with the settings shown below) under the Vignette filter.

But you also need to add a black clip (Open Other… > Color > Black) on the track under your image.

ok, it worked thanks, reccently i’ve made a post on how to get the vignette with the flikering effect, i got the solution but it doesn’t seem to work with this

This is the method for vignette fliker effect

Can i make a flikering effect on this that you’ve shown me?

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work. Just try what @shotcut showed you in the other post.

Part of the fun with Shotcut is learning by trying things and experimenting. Don’t worry, you won’t break anything :wink:

ok, yea i agree, it’s fun to figure stuff out yourself
Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

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Remember that the order in which you stack the filters is important.

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