Vignette - controllable shape and position

Hey folks! New Shotcut user, so psyched this is OSS! Two requests for the vignette plugin:

  1. Shape - Adobe Lightroom has this really useful concept of “roundness” that allows you to control the shape of the vignette, ranging from basically the rectangular shape of the frame, through an oval shape, to the circle. This might not be something movit currently supports; not sure how to go about adding, perhaps that would be an email to Sesse.
  2. Center position - I want to move the center of the vignette effect away from the center of the frame. I think movit already supports this, just a question of adding a control to the Shotcut integration.

I’m happy to try and contribute these, if these are ok changes.

Please be aware that we no longer use Sesse’s Movie repository since it has required newer versions of OpenGL that do not integrate with our usage of Qt Quick for video display with overlay UI. Also, GPU Effects has been hidden for a long time now due to instability. Here is the fork I am using

The future of Movit within Shotcut is very uncertain especially as OpenGL deprecates. Any additional parameters added in Movit needs to be added in the MLT plugin as well.

Ok cool, down to build it in that repo instead. That said, if GPU effects are not in use, is the MLT plugin the real place to work on the effect I was using? Looks like probably this file?

That is the non-GPU version of the Vignette filter in Shotcut.