View Mode

I was in the process of editing a video and I randomly decided to change the view mode and this has resulted in all of the clips starting at different times and has messed up my video.
I understand why this happened and dont know why i decided to change the view mode (i just had a brain fart).
Anyway, I am just curious if there is a way to return all my clips to where they were previously.
Any help would be appreciated

Do you mean “Video Mode”?

Ah my bad. Yes I meant video mode.

This has happened to me many times. i just revert to the prior mode, save, exit, & re-open the project. …Now, if i “really” want a new mode, i start from scratch. ;( This has caught me so many times, that i have made a simple starting-point shotcut project and marked it read-only in my OS – so now i start all my projects by opening it first. then i save-as my new project name. for you, maybe just select your mode first, make it part of your instinctual work-flow. it’s a workaround. :expressionless:

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