Videos won't overlap to create transition

I’ve watched loads of tutorials on transitions, and they all say just drag the clip over the other clip to create the transition, and then you can go on from there. My clips won’t overlap, they just jump back to where they were. I can move them further apart and they’ll stay put, they just won’t overlap. How can I fix this?

You are probably dragging over Clip B to far over or to the start of Clip A. When you begin to drag Clip B to the left (I always go in reverse), you’ll see a tiny counter popup above the hand symbol, and it will show -00:00:01 to however far back you want to go. I aim for -00:00:30 (1/2 a second) to -00:00:60 (whole second) for my transitions. Once you get it where you want, then let go of the mouse button and go the Properties Tab to change the properties of the Transition.

Try this: first drag the clip you want to overlap the other, right alongside the other so it “sticks” to it, then release the mouse - THEN try dragging it over the other. Think of it as a two-step process. Works for me. Also make sure the playhead is positioned away from the clips you are dragging, because that can create a problem. Jon [Edit: Hudson, you just beat me to it…]

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Once you get great at expanding out the timeline viewer (and reading it for a gauge), you can place the playhead at where you want the transition clip to stop at. It’s not a hard stop, as you can move past it, as you would call a problem. That problem you describe is a benefit to me, ha ha.

I’ve done so many transitions with Shotcut. I sort of wish there was an automated way to just do them. I might have from 20 to 30 transitions per video.

Thank you so much for your help! I figured out it was because there was a tiny bit of space between the clips that I needed to delete in order to let me cross the clips over. So simple but drove me crazy for about an hour before I figured it out! Thank you anyway!

Additionally if you right click in the gap between clips you can “remove” the gap which automatically butts the two clips up against one another ready to be overlapped for transition. I find that really useful if I’m zoomed in very close or if clips are far apart.

“Think of it as a two-step process”. Thank you very much for your advice! It helps me. I noticed, that such a problem exists only in Linux OS. In Windows everything is good. There is no such problem in Windows:thinking: