Videos taking ridiculously long to export

Hello, recently my videos have been taking way too long to export. To the point where I can’t even upload to my YouTube channel.

My two most recent videos are around 20 minutes long, with little cuts and barely any special effects but they take around 12 to 20 hours. No joke. And I don’t think it’s my computer itself because I’ve exported a 13-minute video on another computer that is basically the same and it only takes around 1 hour.

If anyone here can help me figure out a way to make it take less time that would be very helpful. Ive had a loss in motivation recently because of my videos taking too long to export

Let me guess - Size, Position and Rotate, the notorious CPU hog?

What other filters are you using?

My experience has been that Minecraft videos captured from a PS4 take a surprising amount of CPU horsepower to Export if they have been modified at all.

Basically, everything I did to the video was changing the video size to fit the screen, I added a few cuts and added some background music. There are a few parts where there’s text for about 5 seconds but nothing fancy

From what size to what size?

From what frame rate to what frame rate?

The video size wasnt exactly 1920x1080 so I had to adjust it from like 1912x1076 to 1920x1080. Its also at 60 fps. Though when I was exporting it, I had my computer on Sleep mode but now that I’m on my computer its taking a lot faster

Windows 10 seems to think that Shotcut is something like a screensaver, and go to sleep during exports, bringing the Export to a halt.

I dont currently use windows, though I might get a new computer soon. I just have a MacBook Air from 2017

That is actually a more difficult resizing than most, it is not a simple multiple; But I doubt that matters to the CPU; a resize is a resize is a resize, and it takes a lot of CPU cycles to do it.

60fps recorded, and 60 fps Export? or is the Export frame rate different from what was recorded? (that also can take a lot of CPU power)

A sleepy MacBook - that’s a new one for me!

It was 60 fps recorded and exported

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