Videos Lag and Won't Edit in Timeline

Hi All, maybe you can help with this. I recently cleaned up my computer to arrange suitable space on my hard drive, updated my Windows 10, and updated to the recent version of Shotcut (19.04.30.) Right before and after doing this, I noticed when I go to click on a video to drag to my timeline, it won’t allow me to. Okay, fine. But then I’d click on it to open it up and it lags so much that it’s impossible to put it in my timeline to edit it.

I’ve also noticed that when I’m finally able to edit a video in my Timeline (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t), once I go to click on another video to add to it, it lags and lags. The audio is playing, but the picture can’t seem to catch up. I’m wondering if in the process of cleaning and deleting files, that perhaps I deleted something on my cpu that enables Shotcut to work? If that’s the case, then when I went to uninstall and reinstall (several times) that my Shotcut would have recognized that my cpu was missing an application that would allow it to function effectively, then would have made me fix it before downloading?

Also, all of the videos are recorded from my Samsung S8 (HD, I believe) and uploaded to my cpu. I’ve been using it without many issues for over a year now. The length of videos length range from two min to 15 minutes. It’s practically impossible to edit now. If you have any idea what’s going on, please help me. Thanks.

I have been having some of the same problems

Video editing is very taxing on computers.
Please provide some specifications of the computer you are using so others can offer suggestions and help more effectively.

Hi. I thought I included the necessary info in the initial post, but here is more info…

I’m using an HP Envy m6. 64-bit. Notebook PC.

Intel ® Core™ i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHZ.

8.0GB of RAM and 7.9GB usable.

I also have over half of storage space left on my cpu.

Thank you.

Really? Wow. I thought it was just me. Couldn’t find anything online or on Youtube to correct the issue. I wonder if the new Window update has something to do with not working properly with SC’s new version? Not sure. How long has then been the case with you?

Your computer should certainly handle SC.
Maybe it has something to do with Win 10, can’t say for sure.
Have you tried other settings like the interpolation and display methods and real time frame dropping either on or off?

I’m afraid to say that I don’t know what all of that means. Lol. I left everything the way it was when it was working since I only know the very basics of SC. But as I’m typing, I’m currently working on editing a video and it seems to be doing what I need it to do right now, albeit slowly, but working nonetheless. As I opened the videos I want to edit, I’ve waited longer for it to load and dragged the cursors to make it shorter before dragging into my timeline to edit. Not the best way to do it because I’d like to know exactly the time of the frame I need in order to cut it, but I guesstimate then drag and finish in my Timeline. It’s hard to explain, but it seems to be the best method right now under the circumstances. Takes longer for me to edit, but still bearable until I can find another solution or until Windows and SC’s recent updates can coexist on my cpu

Oh and I think you’re right. I could be the Windows 10 update. My cpu automatically updated right around the time I started having issues. I think it’s connected to the inefficiencies of the program operating efficiently, but who really know. Thanks!

Try changing Settings > Display Method to DirectX. In the current version 19.04.30 this changed to Automatic, which prefers OpenGL. For many people complaining of this problem, changing to DirectX helped. So often, in fact, that for the next version 19.06 the default is changing back to DirectX.

Hi there. I didn’t know about this. I have another video to edit soon and I will definitely try this method. I wonder if SC can use DirectX if I hadn’t download it yet. For instance, I just recently downloaded, but hadn’t changed my settings, so I’m wondering how SC was using DirectX in older applications if it was never installed on my cpu.

DirectX is a part of Windows, so you have it. Versions from 17.03 to 19.02 used DirectX by default (on Windows, of course). Version 19.04 tried Automatic. Version 19.06 returns back to DirectX.

About a week

Oh, I didn’t know that. Thank you for the info. I’ll be trying it soon. I appreciate it!!

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