Videos do not show up in multi track

In my project I use multi tracks with small scaled videos on an upper layer and a larger scaled video on a lower layer so that I would expect that the part of the lower video that is not covered by the upper smaller video is still displayed. But it isn’t displayed at all and just shows up when I hide the upper small video.
I didn’t face this problem at the beginning of my project, but it turned up when my project became more complex with more than 10 tracks.
I am using the new Shotcut v20.02.17 and would be very thankful for some help.

Do not hide V1

Thank you very much!
I renamed all tracks, but I think that I found what was V1, and unhiding this helps, unless I do not use the filter “crop rectangle” (maybe the name differs because I use the german version).
Removing the filter “crop rectangle” finally shows the tracks behind the cropped video (unhiding V1 is required). Is there an alternative way to crop a video and still see the videos behind?

If you use Crop: Rectangle, and you want to ensure videos below it show through you need to click the Padding color color block and change the Alpha channel to 0.

That was the solution. Thank you so much!!!

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