Videos are blurry (NOW SOLVED) please do not respond or visit link!

Hi Shotcut community,

I’ve created numerous videos for youtube, but when I upload and view them on the platform, the text and images are blurry. Everything seems fine in Shotcut.
Is there something I’m doing wrong or not doing?

I have unlisted the videos until I can figure out what is wrong, but I’ve ‘made public’ one so people can see what it ends up like

Just to add - the videos play fine in a video player (VLC) in full screen on my laptop, but something is happening when it gets uploaded to youtube and played back.

I looked at “Lazy right eye #4” and the disclaimer text looked perfectly sharp to me. I made sure my YouTube player was set to 1080p. Is this the same video and resolution that looked blurry to you?

Hi Austin,

I realised shortly after posting my issue. I tried deleting the comment but was unable to for some reason.

Thank you for your reply though! Much appreciated.

Don’t suppose you know how I can delete my post?

I’m not sure how to delete, but you could mark your last reply as the solution so that people scanning the front page know the topic is resolved. That’s sometimes enough to discourage visitors.

Your video topic looks interesting!

Thanks again, Austin. I’ve marked as solved.

Thank you! Yes, it is interesting. Not for most people though.

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